NBA Eastern and Western Finals Tied at 2-2 Apiece

What a wild weekend of NBA Basketball. On Thursday, I wrote most of a post ranting about the 2-0 series, complaining about NBA referees and how much I’d hate to see a Spurs-Heat finals. Friday, I got in a hurry and never post my rant and, frankly, I’m kind of glad I didn’t.

Suddenly, both series are tied at 2-2 and the inevitable doesn’t look so preordained anymore. I’d still bet on the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs meeting in the title series, but there’s a chance either the Thunder or Celtics pull off the big upset.

6 Games Away from History

I wrote last week that the Spurs were 6 games away from a perfect postseason. That’s ancient history now, but that prospect has been replaced with a better scenario: four teams sit 6 wins away from an NBA championship.

Heat Celtics Eastern Finals

Lebron James Has Finally Mastered the “Foul + Complain to Refs” Combo Move

Celtics and Heat Get Chippy

As well as the Spurs have played these last couple of months, I’m more amazed that the Boston Celtics dug themselves out of a 2-0 hole. I was convinced the NBA refs were arrayed against the Celtics, after Dwyane Wade got away with a late elbow to the head of Rajon Rondo in a game the officials were calling so tight that three Celtics had fouled out of. That 4-point swing was a huge difference in the Heat’s Game 2 victory.

Once again, that’s old history now. The Celtics have clearly had the better of the action in the last two games and, arguably, for a majority of this series. Chris Bosh (of all people) maybe be back in Game 5 and is being hailed as a savior, though he may be more of a forlorn hope for worried Heat fans right now. As always, the Heat’s destiny rises and falls with that of Lebron James and Dwyane Wade.

Underdogs Rule

Whatever the case, I’m going to be pulling for the Celtics and Thunder to pull off huge upsets after having to win 4 of 5. I’m not sure that Kendrick Perkins versus old team storyline will be as sexy as Lebron going to finals #3 or Spurs going for title #5, but I like pulling for the underdogs. I’m sitting down to watch Game 5 of Thunder-Spurs while I try to grind out some work on the laptop (after posting this).

Looks like Serge Ibaka is already on the bench with fouls in Game 5 after he went 11-for-11 in Game 4, so it’s time to start complaining about the NBA referees again, already.


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