Andy Reid in Punt, Pass, and Kick Competition – 1971 Video

I saw a news item earlier where Andy Reid said Donovan McNabb was losing weight in anticipation of a return to the NFL and that he’d recommend McNabb to teams–but I guess, not his own. There’s something a little strange when one NFL coach recommends a player to all 31 other teams. It’s like choosing teams and trying to convince the other team captain to select that one kid over there in the corner.

Andy Reid is a Punt, Pass, and Kick Master

For some reason, having Andy Reid and size mentioned in the same news item reminded me of the old video of Andy Reid as a kid they showed one day during a CBS football broadcast. I looked it up and have to share it.

I’m serious: that’s a real video and Andrew Reid was the same age as the other kids. Imagine winning PPK competitions at the city, state, and regional levels, only to show up for the national competition and seeing someone the size of your dad competing.

Andy Reid and Larry Bird

That video kind of reminded of the story Michael Jordan once told a story about what he learned from Larry Bird about getting inside the heads of other athletes. According to Jordan, one year at the NBA All-Star Weekend 3-Point Shooting Contest, Larry Bird psyched out the other guys by strolling into the locker room and casually asking, “Okay, who’s going to come in 2nd today?”

And then Bird went out and backed it up. Since Larry Bird won the first three 3-point contests, I’m not sure which contest that was.

Anyway, I picture Andy Reid showing up in the locker room with those other kids and asking them who’s gonna come in second. Not that he’d need to do any psyching out of people. Maybe a better analogy would be the dodgeball scene from Billy Madison.

Andy Reid and Jimena Sanchez

One odd thing involving Andy Reid on Youtube videos was its association with Jimena, which was linked to the above vid. I suppose it’s because Jimena Sanchez was making predilecta de los futboleros.

I like Jimena’s use of music to enhance the presentation.

Youtube’s Social Impact: A Study in Waste

Several reasons why, after all these years, Youtube remains a Top 10 place to waste time. My suggestion to anyone needing an idea for a thesis in sociology, psychology, or anthropology. Study how much time is wasted every year by the average Internet user, employee, and/or student.

Not that I’m complaining–I wouldn’t have it any other way.

But think about it; you’ll knock out that important stumbling block on your way to your master’s degree, and that has to be a perfect excuse to watch even more Youtube videos. “Research”, they’ll call it. Get you degree AND watch old Andy Reid, Adam Sandler, and Jimena Sanchez videos.


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