A Song of Fire and Ice Book 2: A Clash of Kings

I’ve fallen hopelessly behind on my HBO A Game of Thrones episode reviews. Actually, I’m a week behind on watching those episodes, so nobody tell me what happened in episode 7. What I have done is buy the second book in the series and started to read it. This is the point in every season where I can’t wait for the outcome and end up reading that season’s novel. I don’t know what I’ll do if the buzz is right and A Storm of Swords is split into Seasons 3 and 4. Frankly, I’m hoping nothing stupid happens and the series gets canceled (not because of ratings, but “production costs” or something). Anyway, I thought I would give some thoughts on what I’ve read so far.

Jumping Around

Joffrey and His Crossbow

Will Jack Gleeson Be Typecast as a Psychotic Moron?

First off, let me ask if anyone else jumps around in the GoT books? Given the way each chapter features a different character’s perspective, I sometimes feel the need to read a certain character’s storyline straight through. I understand this completely messes up the chronology of the book and ruins some surprises, but A Song of Fire & Ice is really like a number of novels in one, because what happens in the north and what happens in the east don’t always have much bearing on Westeros (or the south of Westeros).

I’ll admit; I’ve been reading what happens at King’s Landing first. I was fascinated to see how Tyrion would fair as the Hand. Besides, that setting has some of the more interesting characters, specifically all the longtime council members.

What I’d really wish to see would be a chapter or two from the perspective of Joffrey, just to get inside the fevered mind of that nitwit. Somehow, I get the idea he would mainly be thinking about his crossbow, which he seems to obsess over more in the book than in the tv series.

The decision by George RR Martin to leave him as a non-narrator is certainly the right choice from an artistic point of view, but it deprives us of some choice comical moments.I have to admit: I like disliking the character.

I suppose Joffrey has as many illusions about being king as Sansa has about knights in general–in naivete, they’re perfectly matched. Too bad they have nothing else in common.

A Game of Thrones Updates

I’ll have to keep updating as I finish the book. I’m not sure which threads I’ll read next. Maybe I just do the rest sequentially. Theon Greyjoy is unstable, so maybe him and the Winterfell story lines next.


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