Avengers Movie Preview – Lost Trailer Footage from 1978

I’m starting to get excited about the Avengers movie coming out this weekend. When I was a kid, I read reprints of the old 1960s Avengers comics, so I grew up reading about the original appearance of Ultron and The Vision and their big showdown with the Squadron Sinister (kind of an evil Squadron Supreme). I also had a really cool reprint where the powerful Avengers were pitted against the low-powered Avengers. Hawkeye beat Iron Man, Cap beat Thor, and that kind of stuff.

Anyway, I’m excited about the upcoming Avengers movie. Seeing the commercial on television the other day, I started looking at the buzz surrounding its release. Then a friend of mine made my day by sending me the following link.

Avengers 1978 TV Movie

Avengers Movie - The Earths Mightiest Heroes on the Big Screen

The 1978 Version on Youtube Looked Only Slightly Less Cooler Than This

One of the funniest things I’ve seen on Youtube in a while was this trailer from the imaginary 1978 Avengers film–together for the first time! With heavy reliance on the old Bill Bixby, Lou Ferrigno Hulk tv series, this was a classic team-up. I’m not sure where the Captain America or Iron Man footage came from, but it was good. I like the swarthy looking Tony Stark, while Paul Lynde at Loki was inspired casting. With the plastic shield and the sun-goggles, has Captain America ever looked worse? The music was perfect.

Real Avengers Release

The critics are giving the movie at 96% freshness rating on Rotten Tomatoes, while fans are coming in at a whopping 97% on early viewings. I would expect as much from the fan boys watching pre-screenings, but getting over 19 out of 20 critics to say they liked a superhero movie is no small feat. I hope all this means we get a great show, because comic book films have tailed off in recent years.

I wasn’t exactly sure when I saw the real Avengers trailer. I’m not real interested in seeing CGI-Hulk fight CGI-monsters, though.

I for one am still not sold on computer graphics imaging, though it’s given us a lot of cool movies we’d never have seen otherwise. It’s just that CGI characters still don’t look right to me. Gravity doesn’t seem to have much of an effect on them. CGI characters appear to float on the air. I know they have some kind of programs that simulate gravity, but something still isn’t quite right. I guess when they do get things perfect, the Age of the Actor could come to an end.

The Age of Computer Designers

That always strikes me as a funny thought. Imagine a time when computer graphics “actors” replace live-action actors, because they are just as real looking, they never age, and they’re a lot cheaper (still not true). If actors got replaced by CGI counterparts, we might see the return of John Wayne or the Marilyn Monroe. Maybe voice actors or computer graphics designers would become the new stars in Hollywood.

The idea that CGI designers would become the big stars is best of all. Since TMZ and all the print tabloids would need Hollywood personalities to follow around, maybe the CGI designers would become huge cult figures with papparazzi chasing them around. They’d date models and celebrities and have outrageous lifestyles. We’d get to hear them curse out their daughter over the cellphone or see their bootleg Youtube video where they eat a hamburger while they’re drunk on the floor of a Las Vegas hotel room. Of course, the CGI Lindsay Lohan would still be outrageous.


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