2012 NFL Draft Coverage on Thursday

The NFL Draft begins Thursday evening with the first round. The draft continues on Friday with rounds 2 & 3 and on Saturday with the remainder. Call it good-ole-day syndrome, but I prefer the old way the NFL handled the draft. I liked getting together on Saturdays with the guys to veg out for about 7-8 hours of needless analysis.

The Saturday 1-2-3 round NFL Draft was almost like a holiday. Certainly, it was more like watching football in the fall that the Thursday night draft coverage is, unless you get together with everyone for all those lame Thursday night match-ups.

2012 NFL Draft Coverage Begins on Thursday - NJ Band

Thursday Is Also a Band from New Jersey

With the seemingly all-important 1st round on Thursdays, most of my friends don’t have time to get together to watch. It’s spring and many of them are shuttling kids off to Pop Warner football or Little League Baseball/Softball. Maybe Thursday football watching is okay in the fall when it’s getting cold and everyone’s interested for fantasy football purposes. Thursday football just isn’t the same for drafting viewing. The National Football League has become obsessed with Thursday.

10 Minutes between Draft Picks

I wonder how long it will take for the Colts and Redskins to draft Andrew Love and Robert Griffin III on Thursday. I’m guessing they’ll take the same 10 minutes everyone else is, though everybody has known what the order is for 1-2. Call it a sense of drama or a command from ESPN and NFL Network to wait for another commercial, but the picks almost always take the full time. Since we’ve all seen plenty of analysis by now, I’d like to cut to the chase. By the way, I finally have NFL Network this year, so I can avoid Chris Berman’s tired act. Sorry, I used to love the guy, but now he makes me angry to watch. Not exactly sure why.

Early Draft Picks

Most people suspect the Minnesota Vikings are going to draft offensive tackle Matt Kalil, so the first real suspense of the NFL Draft should be pick #4. According to the 2012 NFL Mock Draft at Walter Football, the Cleveland Browns could still be leaning towards Trent Richardson. Supposedly, Mike Holgrem isn’t likely to draft a receiver that high after the Koren Robinson Disaster in Seattle all those years ago, while Cleveland’s defense is relatively strong compared to their offense, so Morris Claiborne is less likely.

The writer at Walter Football suggests the latest scuttlebutt out of Cleveland has the Browns less than convinced about Ryan Tannehill. When I hear these kind of reports around draft day, I usually assume the team is creating a smoke screen. For that reason, and the fact the Browns need something to change the entire culture of their football franchise, I’m saying Tannehill is going to be the man. Of course, someone like the Miami Dolphins might think the same thing, so perhaps they move up to the 3rd pick to draft Tannehill. I’m only assuming the Vikings want to give Christian Ponder and Adrian Peterson every chance to succeed, so they’ll stay put and draft the OT.

Tune in for tomorrow’s draft run-up coverage, where I talk about the Dallas Cowboys’ pivotal pick.



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