Roger Goodell Wields Power Like The Queen of Hearts

It looks like Sean Payton is gone for the year, the Saints GM is out for half-a-season, and Bill Parcells won’t be coming to the rescue. Joe Vitt is going to be the New Orleans Saints Interim Head Coach in 2012, but only when he gets back from a 6-game suspension himself. Until Vitt, who’s the permanent assistant head coach, returns from his suspension, it looks like offensive line coach Aaron Kromer is going to be the interim-interim head coach. Vitt and Saints GM Mickey Loomis get to stay around until the end of training camp, but Sean Payton is suspended for the year starting April 16, 2012.

Joe Vitt Looks Crazy

Joe Vitt New Orleans Saints Interim Head Coach 2012

Joe Vitt Looks Deranged

That sounds like a crazy way to start the 2012 season for the Saints. They couldn’t help that Bill Parcells is 70 and just wants to stay retired, but replacing Sean Payton with a man whom you know will have to be replaced is a little insane.

Besides, if you owned an NFL football franchise, would you trust this guy (^) to lead the team to the promised land? I don’t think so. Besides, Joe Vitt is implicated in the pay-for-pain scandal. Whatever the media coverage about this scandal is next year, Joe Vitt is a huge part of it. The Saints won’t be able to say, “But he wasn’t involved.

Speaking of Insane

All of this creates a wild setup for the late-August fantasy football draft in my dynasty ff league (The Insane League) where head coaches get 10 points for a win plus point differential in a high performance scoring system. Sean Payton has been a force in that league the last few years, but now that owner has to decide whether to keep Sean Payton as a 6th-rounder and waste a roster spot for a year or let him back out into the pool.

Meanwhile, Joe Vitt becomes a perfect stash for our taxi squad, which requires a player to sit out 6 weeks like they’re on the PUP list, but gives you a roster exemption (2 per team). Even Aaron Kromer becomes a nice 6-week player for someone desperate for a head coach for roughly half the fantasy regular season. Who can say where all three end up being drafted.

Cowboys and Redskins Agree on Something

Before I finish, I wanted to send a shout-out to two fellow NFL bloggers who said kind words about my posts a couple of weeks ago: the blogger at Fantasy Furnace and Mark Pierce at Improper Redskin.

As a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan, I’d like to hear what DC football fans think about Roger Goodell’s decision to take $10 million away from Jerry Jones and the Cowboys’ salary cap and $30+ million away from Daniel Snyder and the Redskins’s salary cap for frontloading contracts during the 2010 uncapped season. Goodell says the practice creates an unfair competitive situation for the Cowboys and Redskins, so they have to operate with lower salary caps than the rest of the NFL these next two years (each team can spread the hit over the next 2 seasons).

Queen of Hearts Roger Goodell

Roger Goodell in a Quieter Moment

What I don’t understand is this: why did Roger Goddell approve those contracts two years ago, if he’s going to come back now and say it’s unfair?

It seems like the time to take a stand and lay down the law was when this happened, because that left the Boys and the Skins with less money to spread around 2 years ago. To say it was okay then and then revise his opinion two years later is bad leadership. I’d like to know what Skins fans have to say about that, because as a Cowboys supporter, I think it’s a screw job.

Obviously, Jerry Jones and Daniel Snyder also have, because they’ve filed grievances. For an NFL power broker and NFL-man like Jerry Jones to file a motion against his league tells you what he thinks.


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  1. ImproperRedskin

    Jamie, As I’m sure you know, they’re challenging the ruling on the salary cap. I can’t see a way they can get away with this, as you mentioned, the NFL approved the contracts. We’ll see. God knows I’ve been wrong before.

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