It’s Only Death OR Taxes…At Least I Hope

Well, it’s tax day again. At least it’s tax day for me. Frankly, I’d prefer to talk about tv, movies, sports, and games.

They say that the only things you can count on are death and taxes, but at least it’s an either/or thing…at least I hope. Our luck, they collect taxes in the afterlife. I guess, if the fundamental conservatives are right, that shouldn’t be the case. Maybe that’s what the Charon the Boatman thing was about…Charon required a coin to ferry people into the Underworld…so maybe Charon was some ancient Greek’s joke about paying death and taxes.

Should I Just Make Out the Check to China?

Every year about this time, I start stressing about money and start reading how to stuff. Don’t get me wrong. I make okay money in my online job, but I’m still paying off college loans, which I’m convinced is a racket. I did find a cool way people can get student loans without going to the banks, at least if you go to some of the Ivy League or most-established schools in America. You take out loans with alumni through a place called SoFi. At least that’s what it sounded like, because I don’t really have to worry about that too much anymore (thank God).

Not Over Til the Tax Lady Sings

My boss always tells me I should get an extension so I don’t have to pay for another 6 months. I asked my tax lady about that last year and she told me you still need to write a check for what you think you owe. My boss thinks the interest on missing payments is no big deal. That’s just between me and the world. Me? I need all the money I can get, so I don’t like throwing away good jink that way. Of course, maybe he knows something I don’t know. I probably just misunderstood the whole thing, or maybe I might need a new tax lady.

Credit Blogging at Its Finest…I Guess

Recently, I’ve been reading one blog about credit. Some of the stuff about government consolidation loans for 2012 to help people pay off old student loans was helpful, while I’m sure the low-interest government student loans would be of use to people just getting into college.

Also, I didn’t realize such a thing as nonprofit debt counseling existed. I always assume every credit counseling group online is just trying to take my money, so I never click on their ads. The “32 Mistakes” page links to 32 organizations that help with debt and aren’t in it for the money – or at least that’s what they say. I wouldn’t pay attention to all the coupons articles, though maybe that’s stuff’s good. I never coupon shop, but then, I probably get a lot of stuff in that part of my life messed up.

They say you work the first three months of the year to pay for the government, so I guess we get to start working for ourselves now, at least. Anyway, enough of all that mess. I hate thinking about the IRS and paying taxes, but I guess I should just join the rest of the world. Let’s get back to talking about rpgs and the NFL.


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