Is Bill Parcells About to Be Beatified?

It looks like there’s a real chance Bill Parcells is going to be the New Orleans Saints coach next year. At first, I thought this was one of those stories that would be buzzing for a day or two, then Bill Parcells would shoot it down, since he’s 70 and already been up for a Hall of Fame vote (and failed).

Bill Parcells: The Greatest Coach Ever and Ever

Bill Parcells Could Be Interim New Orleans Saints Head Coach

You're Not Winning Now, So You Stink

Then Parcells was quoted saying he’d be a hypocrite not considering an offer if it was made. He also gushed about his connection to Sean Payton and how he wanted to give back the way men like Chuck Noll, Chuck Knox, and Tom Landry did for him. For a man as media savvy as Bill Parcells, these are signals to the Saints Front Office he’s willing to listen to their offers.

Bill Parcells was once quoted as saying, “No matter how much you’ve won, no matter how many games, no matter how many championships, no matter how many Super Bowls, you’re not winning now, so you stink.

That’s the philosophy of a man who would like one more shot at greatness. I still say Bill Parcells left the Dallas Cowboys one year too early. In four years, he’d built that team into a Superbowl contender.

Parcells only got one half-year of use out of Tony Romo, so who knows what Parcells would have done with the Boys if he had a full year from Romo, another draft, another free agency period to fill the holes? Wade Phillips went 13-3 that next year with the team Parcells built.

He’s got to know that. He’s got to know he walked away one year too early. Now he has the chance to return at just the right time, in just the right situation. This is the perfect ending, the perfect way to ride into the sunset. Bill Parcells goes out as a saint.

Roger Goodell: An Opinion on Everything

Even Roger Goodell is getting involved. One might expect that Goodell is so offended by Payton and the Saints lying to him that he’s going to negate anything Sean Payton does.

I was surprised Sean Payton had the gall to appeal his suspension, though I suspect that’s just a ploy so he can continue to plan with the team for the NFL Draft.

This isn’t a situation where the NFL Commissioner relents, even for a few games (I think). But Roger Goodell has already came out and said the New Orleans Saints can hire whoever they wish and he wouldn’t stand in the way of Parcells to the Saint.

Real Fantasy Football Implications

So the two possible barriers are out of the way. I think this thing is going to happen. But this begs the question: where does Bill Parcells go in my dynasty league draft where coaching get 10 points for a win +point differential. Sean Payton almost singlehandedly put one otherwise average team in the playoffs a couple of years ago. Coaches on contenders are a force in that league. This is such a rare commodity. But Parcells is certainly a one-year rent-a-coach, so do you not draft a young RB or WR that could be a star for years with the hope you get a victory lap from Bill Parcells?

Decisions, decisions.


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