Jamie Wild’s Blog

I was told the other day I should write my own blog. Since everybody has their own blog or social networking page these days, it had occurred to me before. I’d never realized how easy it is to get your own website here on WordPress, so it sounded like too much trouble. Now that I realized I’ve been an idiot all these years about blogging, I decided it was time to join the party.

Sports Games Films RPGs Reading Rants and Inspiration

Not Me: Evelyn Nesbit – I Googled Games, Sports, Films, RPG stuff, Reading, Rants, Inspiration and Wild…and This Appeared

This blog is going to be about the things I enjoy, all that geeky fanboy stuff that makes me a “niche person”: games, sports, films, karaoke, RPG stuff, and reading. I know there’s nothing earth-shattering there, but we love who we love and we like what we like. I’ll try to add my own individual perspective on these things, but who know, that might not be original, either. I’ll be honest.

I may add an “opinions” or “rants” section to this site eventually, though I hope not to get to personal or obnoxious. Just so I don’t sound too negative all the time, I’ll include a number of “inspiration” pages. These posts will be about things that inspire me, whether it’s inspiration to fight through life’s troubles or simply inspire creativity and imagination. Hopefully, that balances things out.

Over the course of my blogging, I hope people get to know me as I am. I’m going to try to avoid those subjects that really cause trouble between people – talking politics and religion – but everything else will be on the table. Though I don’t expect to give a whole lot of details about my background, I want to share myself with everyone who takes the time to read. Maybe I’ll get some feedback and make some friends among the readership.

If not, I’ll just send notes into the net. I’m not ashamed to say I talk to myself here and there, so if it’s no one but me on this blog, I’ll write to myself, too. This should be fun.


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